The Project

The Nordic Villa

– Mobile website interface design
Screenshot of website

It is all about the mobile web in Nigeria. Seeing that The Nordic Villa is a private boutique villa in Abuja, it was essential for them to have a mobile friendly version of their website.

In Nigeria, it is more common for people to own a smartphone than a desktop computer. For a hotel like The Nordic Villa, this means that they must have a mobile friendley website.

The challenge was to design a mobile website that preserved the minimalistic style of the hotel brand, but also to design a mobile site that needed minimal maintenance and instead reused elements from the desktop site.

The Process

From sketch to .psd

They wanted at site that was easy to maintain.

I worked with the owners of the hotel to design a mobile site that they could manage without adding unneeded work. The site uses the same text as the desktop site, and the same information architecture.

The Result

Serving mobile devices

Even though we all agreed that this should have been a mobile first site, the owners were happy with the result.

It was only after the desktop site was done, that the owners remembered that they needed a mobile site and by then it was hard to practice the mobile first idea. Still, the mobile site turned out great and both the owners and I were happy with the result.