The Project

LEGO Builder

– Digital play with LEGO
Screenshot of Lego Builder app

How can playing with LEGO on the computer, be as fun as playing with them in real life?

With LEGO as a partner my team and I set out to discover a fun way to bring the LEGO experience to the computer.

The Process

Working with children

cultural probe

Probing for values

Mocking it up in cardboard

Testing the prototype

Over a period of a month my team and I researched how children play with LEGO, had an ideation workshop with experts from LEGO, made a cardboard mockup with a group of children, prototyped an app and tested the app with the same children. Co-creation, inspiration and playfulness were some of the values that we identified as important for children. We integrated these values into our prototype. For instance, we made it a multi user app, so that the children could build together.

The Result

Discovery and co-creation

Children want to create something together and are inspired by the bricks that they have on hand.

The children enjoyed building stuff together or just next to each other in our app. The fact that they always had a set number of bricks on the virtual floor, helped to inspire creation. Whenever they would use a brick or throw it in the trash bin, a new random brick would spawn in place of the old.

Screenshot of Lego Builder app